Decode your genome to live a longer, healthier, and happier life. SelfDecode maximizes your potential by identifying genetic weaknesses and strengths

How itWorks

Welcome to the future

Personalized health reports based on your genes! Only a decade ago, this seemed impossible. Two or three decades ago, it was pure science fiction. Now, SelfDecode offers subscribers detailed information and reports based on their genomes. After uploading genetic data, a subscriber discovers how their genes affect many different health conditions, such as weight, sleep, and mood, as well as minor and major medical concerns.

It is all summarized in a readable way. Simply enter your symptoms or the health condition, and get actionable recommendations to take control of your health. Although they do not diagnose or treat any conditions, SelfDecode offers in-depth, scientific data for informational and educational purposes. Plus, they have a forum that is moderated by PhDs and MDs.

Using their very-own SNP (single nucleotide polymorphisms) analyzer, which identifies many thousands of genetic variations, they combine data relevant to specific issues into a unified report. The proprietary algorithms they employ filter through all the interventions that interact well with a custom profile to deliver optimal recommendations. The primary goal is to provide personalized health care and unlock the genetic secrets inside that lead to perfect health.


I love being able to access this information on my terms. No doctor has this detialed information. I can study and try new things and check results. Very the ability to access this information.
Packed with information and tools! Links to published research, use of algorithms to help interpret importance of particular SNPs, and summary of potential fixes are unique and very helpful. Very ambitious in all that it attempts to syntherize without oversimplyfying! Great job!!!

Our Ambitious Goal

SelfDecode is a startup company with a big dream – and a very good one at that! They take a subscriber’s genotype and give them access to all the information they need to live healthier and happier lives. Our goal was to create an application that allowed SelfDecode to provide a wealth of data in an easy-to-navigate format. The platform is concise yet very thorough. We used a broad range of programming languages to create this masterpiece.

Helping is inOur Dna

SelfDecode had a problem. They had a great idea with a lot of research and experience behind it, but they needed an app/website that provided seamless integration of everything. They also wanted a program that included many features, such as a community forum, videos, responsive theming, and a library of extensive data. Fortunately, the team at PixelTeh was up to the task!

Challenges Accepted!

PixelTeh is not afraid to take on new and challenging projects. In fact, that’s what we like to do. And SelfDecode had several challenges we needed to resolve.

Big Data
Big Solutions

How about billions of records of genomes!? That’s a lot of data! When it comes to data, we are database integration experts. We made it so subscribers are able to search by disease, condition, and genome to find what they want.

Realtime Data Processing and Analytics

Nobody likes to wait for results to come back from the lab, or for test scores, or for anything really. That’s why we included real-time data processing and analysis, so subscribers get results fast.

UI & UX Design

Complex genetic information is not easy to understand, even for experts. By working with SelfDecode, we created a visually appealing app/website that was also very user friendly.

Third-Party Integration

SelfDecode accepts genotypes from various labs and other online services. Instead of making it complicated to send genotypes, we made it easy for subscribers to get started and transfer their data.

Let’s Focus on the Highlights

There are so many good things about this project. We were really excited to work with SelfDecode not only because we enjoy what we do, but we love what SelfDecode does for others. By providing access and analysis of specific genetic information, they are able to help their subscribers recognize potential problems with their health, implement dietary changes, and avoid certain health problems.

They also have PhDs and MDs in genetics that moderate the discussion boards and offer professional insights as well. Here are some of the highlights of the platform we built for them. Subscribers are able to:

Import genome data from multiple genomics services, such as and
Engage in a public forum and communicate through private messages
Identify potentially bad genes, such as genes that could cause cancer or Alzheimer’s
Compare genotype with other members. Users may create interest groups as well.
Get recommendations for personal diet changes based on DNA
Identify potential fixes and get suggestions on what to do to reduce the effects of bad genes
Access to a huge database of medical and biological information
Take advantage of the affiliate system to get incentives for welcoming new subscribers

And now for the tech stack !

For most people, programming and coding is just as incomprehensible as genetic information. That’s understandable. Both fields are complex. Coincidentally, they both involve a form of “coding.” Even though we couldn’t tell you much about genetic code, we are absolute experts in programming code. We want to show you the programming languages we used to create the SelfDecode platform. We do whatever it takes to turn an idea into a success and are skilled at every programming language.

A HealtlyReport

We're proud to say that SelfDecode has seen tremendous success since they launched their new app - built by PixelTeh. You could say they have given us a "healthy coding report!" To date, the company checks more than 9,000 SNPs. That's a huge amount of genetic material that SelfDecode gives its subscribers access to.

In addition to SNPs, they are able to determine the interaction between SNPs and external substances (more than 1 million). Finally, they have billions of records of genetic information at their fingertips and thousands of records of health recommendations. It's good to know that PixelTeh played an important role in the success of SelfDecode. Right now, they have more than 30,000 active users with 10,000 daily visitors - and that number is continuing to grow.