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Something Good to Chat About

Social media has made the world seem a little smaller and more familiar. And it is still expanding and improving. Now more than ever, through social media, we can seamlessly reach out and connect with a friend, a customer, or even someone on the other side of the world. It’s a powerful way for us to develop relationships with others in our modern world. With more than 7.6 billion people living on the Earth, you’ll easily get lost in the crowd if you’re not social media savvy to one degree or another.

Ramble Chat is the universal solution for individuals and businesses. This is a free and scalable app that works on any device – PC, Mac, iPhone, or Android. It allows you to chat in real-time with visitors to a website, blog, social media page, e-commerce site, or banner ad. It presents an ideal marketing solution for businesses because it allows you to capture and nurture leads from new avenues on the internet. Best of all, it is instant! There’s no need to wait for texts, email responses, or phone calls.

But we “ramble” on. Let’s show you how PixelTeh made Ramble Chat a success!

How the Chat with Ramble Chat Got Started

Creating a chat app that works everywhere and with every device/computer was a fun challenge for us. The idea was to develop a web and mobile chat app that could be integrated into any system. It needed to be seamless, scalable, and safe to use.

Since the team at PixelTeh has in-depth experience with programming, database integration, and app development, we were the perfect ones for the job.

Features, Features, and more Features!

What’s so special about a chat program that’s like all the rest? Nothing. But what about a chat that works with ALL social networks and services!? That’s what Ramble Chat wanted, and that’s what we gave them and much more. Instead of competing with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, YouTube, and other social media platforms, Ramble Chat integrates them into their application – allowing their free subscribers to take advantage of all social media outlets. Some of the distinct features of the web and mobile application include:

Free Universal, Link-Invoked Chat

Easy Sign-up Process

Simple App for Everyone

Functional on All Devices

Publish Anywhere on The Web

Effective Method for Reaching Consumers

Successful Way to Drive Sales from All Avenues

Keeps Contact Information and Conversations Private

Chat Stats and Much More!

Great App! Easy to use. Great potential!

App works smooth and quick. I'm in the process of building a small sales team so app has what I need and for free!!!

It's very useful app - great for sales teams

Chat with people on your smartphone from anywhere on the web - from your social media, website, blog or sales listing. It's simple. It works. It's free.

Chatting about the Challenges

To get a product that can be integrated with any system . . . well, that was a challenge. The chat needed to work with mobile applications for Android and IOS. Creating this type of app was similar to translating languages for many people to understand. We had to work with many computer languages and programs to accomplish this ambitious task.

The end result needed to be seamless and instantaneous. Add to that, we had to include real-time notifications that worked across all social media platforms, websites, e-commerce sites, and other applications. In the end, we accomplished all our goals and hurdles. Ramble Chat can be used with every possible program imaginable, such as:

Let’s Stop Chatting and Talk Technical

So, let us take time to brag about our programming. We used Redis and real-time notifications of all the items for distributed servers. The development of the app was on TDD (Test-Driven Development). This improves flow of execution and reliability of our programming. Every separate functionality was described by a variety of different tests both for the frontend and backend part.

Other programming technologies we used


Lavarel, Docthine


Typescript, React/Redux, Angular, Socket.io

Server Javascript

Node.JS, Socket.io


MySQL, Redis


Karma, Mock, Selenium

Amazon S3

EC2, Rounte53, CDN, RDS

Android, IOS

Reaching Customers with ramble chat

So, how did we do?

The Ramble Chat project was a huge success. The company now offers their app to businesses, as well as individuals, throughout the world.

It has proven to be a powerful way for companies to reach their customers, drive leads, and stay active in the social media sphere.

Best of all, it’s easy and FREE to get started.

Visit Ramble Chat to take a test drive. You’ll see firsthand what they have to offer – as well as our handiwork.