All-in-One Data Storage Solution

In a world where space is limited, you never need to feel restricted by shrinking data storage space.

If your computers and servers are getting full, we have the perfect solution. There is endless space available on OpenDrive: An all-in-one cloud storage platform that offers unlimited cloud storage, data backup, and fully accessible cloud content management. PixelTeh helped OpenDrive launch a full-scale platform that provides powerful cloud storage and an office suite that can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

There's Always More Room on OpenDrive

You’ve cleaned out your computer folders, deleted unnecessary files, and even optimized and defragmented your computers, but your free space is inadequate for your needs. As your business grows, so do your data needs. Getting new clients and accounts is great for your business, but in doing so, it’s essential to expand your data territory in the process.

OpenDriveLaunched in 2007

OpenDrive launched in 2007 because the founders saw a growing need for unlimited cloud storage. Now, more than 2 million users use this platform PixelTeh created. Both Mac and PC users can take advantage of this storage solution that not only allows them to store data, but also sync, share, and collaborate all within one interface and from one login.

Some of the Distinct Features of OpenDrive

Automatic Backup
Sync and Backup Scheduling
Sync Files and Folders Across Computers
Upload, Edit, Replace or Preview Files
Send Files and Folders by Email
Embed Photo, Video, and Audio Files
File Encryption & Deduplication
File and Folder Sharing and Hotlinking
File Versioning
Audio and Video Player
Redundant Backup
User Management

Personal Cloud Storage for Everyone

Business owners aren’t the only ones who use secure Cloud storage. Being able to securely store your files, photos, audios, and videos online is important for everyone. Just imagine if something were to happen to your personal computer or phone. You’d lose everything! Some individuals (as well as businesses) use external drives or USBs to back up data, but it has its limits – literally. How many external drives do you want to manage anyway?

After seeing the need for unlimited storage and an online office suite, OpenDrive came to PixelTeh for help. Our developers have years of experience in the programming field. We knew how to achieve exactly what they needed. But they wanted more than an external server that stored files. OpenDrive had bigger plans than that . . . and so did we!

New Features, New Formats, and Improved Performance

The main objective of PixelTeh for this project was to expand and support their existing cloud storage platform. Since people are no longer confined to a desk, but use multiple devices to access information, we needed to create an interface that was available on all platforms – the internet, desktop, and mobile devices. In the process, our team improved performance of the entire program, including security and overall usability.

Do you need to work with a company or individual in another location (another city or country)? It’s easy when you use OpenDrive. They are a company that operates 100% in the Cloud. So, the platform supports project management – wherever you are. Because most businesses work with people in different places and they need to share ideas, tasks, and files, this Cloud-based suite is a perfect solution.

Due to the work we did with OpenDrive, their platform is now used by several top websites and companies, such as: T-Mobile,, REMAX®, and OfficeDepot. What’s so special about our services? We’re glad you asked! Our team added the following features:

Multi-Platform Client for Browser, Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android

Instant "In-Background" File Synchronization Across All Clients

File Sharing & Sub-Accounts with Different Permissions Levels

Files Backup & Versioning

Preview & Online Editing of Open and Proprietary File Formats (Documents, Spreadsheets, Media, etc.)

A Section for Notes and Tasks

Project Tracking Module (Task Lists, Assignments, Progress Tracking, etc.)

Search & Automatic Removal of Duplicates

Super-Admin Module with Advanced Settings and Statistics (Bandwidth, User Activity, etc.)

The Reviews Say a Lot about OpenDrive

Rob M.
The service is great and the design is much better now.
Raimondo B.
It is a very good product. It is free and it works! If you need more space or more features, you can also buy the commercial's up to you.
Brandon A.
Good Job Pretty solid app, and an awesome service that cannot be beat. Believe me, I've looked. Highly recommended!
H. Edwards
Great sync and backup tool. OpenDrive works across multiple computers. Great for workgroups

Customized Technology Solutions from PixelTeh

Every client is different – with unique needs and challenges. OpenDrive started out as a small company that offered basic Cloud storage. But they saw a growing need among their customers and target market. So, we joined with them in their mission: to make remote computing accessible to all. Our developers got to work customizing a platform that worked for personal users, businesses, and enterprise clients. Just a few of the technologies we used to make it happen included:

node.js + Angular Web Client
iOS/Android Mobile Applications
Custom Dedicated Servers for Storage
AWS for Front-End Servers

Today, OpenDrive offers its platform on computers and mobile devices, and it’s available on Google Play and the App store. If you have a great idea, and you need expert programmers to make it a reality, why not use our team. With PixelTeh, there are no limits to what you can do!